Top tips for a successful sales career in Automotive

Looking to build a successful sales career? Try the automotive industry! We asked some of our top salespeople to reveal the secrets of their success. Here's what they said.

1. Listen

"The most important thing in a successful sales career is identifying and listening to the customer's needs and requirements in a new vehicle. Being able to establish what the customer's 'hot buttons' are will help you make a seamless transition from their existing vehicle to their new one." - Christopher Joines

2. Be consistent

"I have found providing consistently great customer service both before and after delivery has given me lots of referral leads." - Leo Yin

3. Be genuine

"Be yourself and be genuine. Customers love it when you're upfront with them. Walk them through the process when they are purchasing a car, as this will make them feel more relaxed. Have a laugh with them and find common ground to go off." - Daniel Di Genua

4. Remember that it's about them, not you!

"My main focus is, "Stop selling, start helping". Know your product inside out, listen attentively to your customer's needs, then lead them to the best fit for them. Following this advice will help you in many ways - it creates trust, makes the customer comfortable and shows that you care about what is important to them, not you." - James Harris

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