Support, integrity and balance: Megan's rewarding people career

Support, integrity and balance: Megan's rewarding people career

The majority of Megan's career has been spent in automotive, but she's far from a rev-head - for her it's all about the people she's met and the lives she's helped shape. Megan joined us as Group HR Manager eight years ago. To enable our rapid growth, she's built a fantastic HR department from the ground up. Meg is also a Mum of two little boys, and loves the freedom and balance her role and our location afford; allowing her to start each day with a walk on the beach with her family.

"I love that I have been able to build a fulfilling career with Frizelle Sunshine Automotive while finding the balance to spend precious time with my husband and sons. My work and my family are both incredibly important to me, and being able to get the best of both worlds has been a great thing."


Wide-ranging roles in automotive

Megan entered the automotive industry in Melbourne straight out of university and has worked across a number of roles since that time.

"I began my career as an HR Grad at Toyota Manufacturing Corporation Australia. I was there for five years and worked in various roles and departments, from Systems Analyst in WH&S through to General Foreperson in the logistics operation. While working in HR I also had the role of Chairperson on several committees during EBA negotiations, which was a steep learning curve early in my career."

The solid experience Megan gathered early on prepared her well for her next challenge - moving to the Gold Coast and becoming Frizelle Sunshine Automotive's first Group HR Manager.

"Frizelle Sunshine Automotive had just completed an engagement survey with the team, and found they could further enhance staff engagement by appointing an HR manager. That's how my role was born! When I started here eight years ago, there were 320 people working here. That number is now over 1000! It's been exciting to be involved in growing the business, and our HR team has been on the journey the whole way."

Building strong foundations

When asked how she began the monumental feat of building an HR department from nothing, Megan is quick to respond.

"Good HR people understand how their people spend their days, so I started by meeting with everyone to discuss their roles and what they do. Building those relationships has been so important. Next, we went about formalising job descriptions so we were in a good position to recruit moving forward."

"I've worked hard to instill a culture of internal customer service across all areas of Frizelle Sunshine Automotive. While not all roles are customer-facing, encouraging our people to think of their colleagues as their customers results in happier employees and customers! Excellent workplaces are built through great employee experiences."

Megan says another key to Frizelle Sunshine Automotive's success is how we invest in our people from day one.

"We onboard our people really well; they go through a thorough induction and tour. They're taught about our values - G.I.F.T, which stands for Growth, Integrity, Focus, Teamwork. And then they sit down with their manager and talk about their job. From day one, our people understand what we stand for and what is expected of them. I think that's a really strong way to start their career with us."

An emotional connection

As a Mum of two boys, Megan has experienced first-hand the importance of Frizelle's person-centred approach.

"The company was very open and supportive when I requested to work part-time. I now work four days a week, which works really well for me and my family. At Frizelle, we are treated as people, not numbers. The owners and my colleagues always ask about my husband and kids; how footy's going, how the kids are enjoying school. That means a lot to me."

"Frizelle is a family business and that shapes the culture and feel of the place. There really is a level of care and empathy for all employees that you don't see in other organisations. We have quite a few boomerang employees here - people who leave and then come back because they miss their family! It's an emotional connection."

Meg smiles as she reflects on how much has happened in her life since she moved to the sunny state.

"Moving to the Gold Coast was the best decision I ever made. I love Queensland! Never having to wear a jacket or hold an umbrella - that's the best life ever! My family and I enjoy a wonderful outdoors lifestyle. Life is busy and there's a lot going on, but we're so happy. And to have built a fulfilling career with an organisation deeply embedded in our local community - well, I feel very lucky."

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