Leadership High Performer Awards

Whilst our Managers play a critical role in ensuring the everyday business function operates smoothly, they are also integral for creating vision, setting direction and inspiring their team to achieve goals. We recently recognised David Meli (Sales Manager), Tiffany Halcoop (Service Manager), Scott Redmond (Parts Branch Manager), Steve Kelly (COO) and Kevin Schofield (Dealer Principal) for their ongoing commitment as leaders at FSA. Below are some of the great achievements they have recently made.

David Meli, Sales Manager

"We are pleased to recognise David as a High Performer this quarter, taking on the reigns of a new role is always challenging and his approach and diligence has seen him consistently generate exceptional results over the quarter! Well done!"

Tiffany Halcoop, Service Manager

"After taking the reins very suddenly, Tiffany has endured a huge test to fulfil the large shoes left before her. Not only has she achieved this with flying colours, but she has also won the admiration and respect of the whole Gold Coast Hyundai team."

Scott Redmond, Parts Branch Manager

"We would like to recognise Scott Redmond for his performance as the Robina Parts Branch Manager. Scott has a great can-do attitude and when he is short staffed or is stretched thin, he will always do everything possible to get the job done. His approach to work and life is why all the department managers love dealing with him."

Steve Kelly, Chief Operating Officer

"Steve Kelly is a rock star and is well respected by the senior management team. Always happy to support those around him."

"Steve Kelly is amazing to work with. Always so supportive and open to change. Steve genuinely cares about his people and the Company. He is an excellent role model and mentor. Always honest, always open, always trustworthy. Steve has a wealth of experience and you can trust him to give good advice. Plus he's always fun which is an added bonus!"

Kevin Schofield, Dealer Principal

"Kevin's has a tireless work ethic which earns the respect of those around him. Kevin is always fair and respectful to those that work with him and he is never too busy to help another team member no matter what the task is. He always has a joke ready to lighten the mood (some are even funny) and maintains a positive approach to each workday. Kevin is always challenging us to improve as a department and happy to take on board feedback from staff. Above all he is genuinely a really nice bloke to be around."

"After 3 years working alongside Kev I feel qualified to commend and seek recognition of his supportive and energetic management style. Not afraid to man the trenches with the troops, Kev has always lead by example and championed change which has been an ongoing process. With passion similar to mine and for the right reasons, I feel lead and not just managed by Kev."

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